Creative Director, Kim Blanchard Souch (Vocalist, Songwriter & Musician) & Steve Strahm (Guitar, Sound & Instrument Repairs) have been working as performers and music teachers in the region for over 24 years.  

Their fun, interactive and practical approach has built a steady following of students.  Kim & Steve individualize sessions based on the student’s goals and interests.  Whether you’re building music skills for performing or personal development they will gear the sessions to your needs.   

Students will learn complete songs (including contemporary pieces of their choice) and have opportunities to play with other musicians/vocalists as their talents develop. 

Our sessions, programs and workshops are adaptive and inclusive

Current Sessions & Workshops Include:

  • Guitar
  • Vocal
  • Ukulele & Ukulele Club
  • Bass
  • Banjo
  • Mandolin
  • Band/Group sessions
  • Songwriting
  • Artist Coaching