Sara Sobey ~ Vocalist

“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in our own sunshine.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

Sara is a typical woman in many ways. She likes clothes that make her look cool, posters that make her room look cool, the steady stream of music and movies that put her in the groove – yet it some ways Sara is not normal at all.  She doesn’t block her own light, like many of us do.  She probably knows more about Disney and Dreamworks than their own producers do. She’ll tell you exactly what’s on her mind, whether it’s part of the conversation or not. Or else she’ll just hum an exquisite tune quietly to herself.

When Sara comes into a room, she doesn’t try and attract attention. She doesn’t feel the need to let people know  “Well, here I am.” When Sara is in the room, it’s as if she’s saying “Ah, there you are.” When Sara seems absent, she’s leaving lots of room for something else to shine through. And that something else loves to sing! Especially through Sara, and especially when we’re there to listen. When she begins performing one of her crowd favourites, “Over the Rainbow” a cappella, eyes instantly glisten in the audience as if they’re seeing that rainbow themselves.

Sara began singing long before she could speak and people were enchanted with her voice, sometimes stopping on the street to comment on it. She was surrounded by music at a young age and began public performances by age 9. With her Mom being a talented singer-songwriter, a mother-daughter duo (KiSara) was a natural and Sara loves the stage. Everything else drops away when Sara leaves the space… for the songs to sing her as much as she sings them.

She has performed with her Mom throughout mid and south-western Ontario, as well as on television, talent shows, at conferences, and major stadiums singing the national anthems before games. Music became a bridge which Sara has crossed to share all the possibilities of her gift, “Possibilities” being KiSara’s signature song.

Possibilities ahead include a cross-Canada tour, recording, and more opportunities to be a role model. By the way, the spectrum of Sara’s own rainbow includes autism. And if she can see above and beyond the rainbow “Why oh why can’t I?”

written by Louise Fagan

More updates soon on new music and performances!