Kim Blanchard Souch

One aspect of writing most Songwriters would likely say is the top of their ‘why I write’ list, is the sharing of a story through song. I have found most of my inspiration through mining my own life’s stories of mothers and daughters, family, life, love and loss.

My professional life began as a performer – cover songs with my own music as second fiddle. Baby steps! As my confidence grew, so did my audience. Opportunities came my way about the same time my family started to grow. New Mom responsibilities as well as the uncharted territory of a young daughter in the autism spectrum put my solo career on hold. But music in my life was never on hold! Singing with my daughter opened a whole new world of possibilities. But now?

And I feel something extraordinary has happened. As Sara finds her own unique gorgeous voice, I am re-discovering mine too! My path is returning to my roots as a touring artist with songwriting for myself and others as a renewed focus.

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Thank you for following my page! I am excited to share my songs, my inspirations, goals and life in music. Please reach out and let me know what you think!