New Music!

Rainbows 🎵

Sharing a song in progress – rough mix!
Rainbows is one of those songs that’s very much life and experience centered. At a time when it seemed everything was changing (supporting my parents, shifting my home base and putting a lot of work on hold to help out ~ parenting as best I could through all of the changes). Every time I felt like I was starting to sink Rainbows would appear in the sky, on the wall, in the car… it was a beautiful reminder that we’re never alone.
Thanks to Bob Kalmusky (recording engineer: BobKat Studios), Steve Strahm (lead acoustic guitar), Sara Sobey (back up vocals), Jay Riehl (Drums), David Kalmusky (lead guitar), Frank St. Germain (keyboard) and Mike McCullough (bass) for all of the work done on this to date! I’m playing rhythm guitar/lead vocals.
This project has taken some time due to all of the life changes and challenges but thankfully Bob is amazing to work with and has been super patient – we’re getting there 🎵

Rainbow picture